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Warranty Statement

one year warrantyProduct Warranty Statement -Installed Fixtures and Materials

MATERIALS installed on each project by the service provider will be warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of the project being completed. Ref "Builders Warranty"; These materials include; lumber, drywall, plywood, insulation, fasteners, adhesives, sealants, tile and other floor coverings, trim, moldings, hardware, and other related project materials. All of the selected project materials are warranted to perform their desired task and possess a service life as outlined by each specific manufacturer, according to the targeted application for which each material is designed to properly address and be utilized.

Choosing the proper material type is most commonly controlled by the installer, and in this case, the installer carries the product liability because the installer made the selection of material best suited for use. However, in some cases, the material selection was made by others, like the client, or even the funding source. In those cases, where others made the selection of materials to be installed; the installer carries limited liability for material performance. Also, in this case, the installer is only liable for the method of installation, and not material performance. It is for this reason, and is highy recommended, the installer be permitted to make or approve all material selections.

FIXTURES are items that are a collection of various materials assembled into one unit for a specific purpose in mind. Examples are, bathroom vanities, toilets, tubs, showers, doors, water control valves, HHS (hand held shower), towel bars, grab bars, stoves, air conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, exhaust fans, and many other related type items. All these items (FIXTURES) normally carry there own product warranty and are based on written statements by the fixture manufacturer. When ever a fixture type is installed in a client project, the performance warranty of the fixture is the sole responsibility of the fixture manufacturer, and not the installer of the fixture.

*** The proper method of fixture installation is the ONLY area of installer liability where as the installer is only liable for properly installing the fixture, and he is NOT liable for the performance and service life of the fixture. It is for this reason that ALL fixture warranty issues be directed to the fixture manufacturer. Warranty registration forms are provided with each fixture at the time of install by the service provider. Also, this is the reason why Care and Maintenance issues are reviewed with each client relative to each fixture installed. Consumer Acknowledgement ofMaintenance Requirements form is used with each project to ensure that all necessary maintenance issues are properly reviewed during project install periods.

The stated material warranty by the installer does not override nor change any fixture warranty statements made by the fixture manufacturer. In most all cases, material warranty by the installer is referred to as a "builders warranty" and this is a separate warranty agreement. In some cases, fixtures are warranted for time periods of less than one (1) year, based on service life of the product fixture, and at the same time, the related install warranty will not increase the fixture warranty period. Normally, when a fixture warranty period of less than one year has ended, so goes the install period, and both issues terminate at the same time.

This warranty statement letter outlines and defines the intent of the installer in all warranty issues. Furthermore it is understood that the consumer realizes that there are two different warranty sources to be considered; the "Builders Warranty" offered by the installer, and then the "Fixture Warranty" offered by the fixture manufacturer; and that these are considered two separate warranty issues.

*This listed warranty information will apply to all projects completed by Covenant Contract Service, Inc., unless otherwise stated in an amended document.